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When I started The Exploding Typewriter in the winter of 2013, I had hoped the show would feature a long and healthy run. But unfortunately, some things just aren’t meant to be. The investment of time and work that went into the production of each and every episode—not only recording but also seeking out guests, preparing for the interviews, and …Read more »

Creating Pulp Characters with Brad Mengel

Pro Se Press and Airship 27 author Brad Mengel comes by the Exploding Typewriter to talk about the act of creating pulp characters. Brad discusses his process when he approaches new characters, what qualities he considers necessary for a pulp character, how he avoids the trap of creating characters that are too similar to archetypes, and how he writes existing …Read more »

Scrivener with Mat Nastos

NOTE: Since this episode has been released, it’s come to light that Mat Nastos lied about much of his success and credits. Please refer to this post for more information. Author and screenwriter Mat Nastos joins this episode to discuss the benefits of using Scrivener. What is it, why should writers use it, what are the benefits over other programs, …Read more »

The Writing Process with Derrick Ferguson

Derrick Ferguson returns to discuss the writing process. Listen along as Perry and Derrick discuss how they write their books, how often they write, how they plan them out, and what sort of resources they’ve found helpful for plotting, writing, etc. This episode also includes an announcement about the upcoming AMAZING ADVENTURES, a 4-book box set featuring books from not …Read more »

Women’s Adventure with J.F. Penn

A few episodes ago, C.E. Martin came on to discuss Men’s Adventure fiction. In this episode, we’re going to look at the other side of the coin with Women’s Adventure, and for that, we’re joined by New York Times’ Best-Selling thriller author, J.F. Penn. As the author of the ARKANE and London Psychic series, Joanna has written a number of fast-paced …Read more »

Marketing with Jim Kukral

One of the biggest problems New Pulp has had in the past few years is reaching out to the right audience. Despite a wealth of great material being produced, New Pulp authors have still failed to make as much of an impact as other indie authors. To help get a better sense of how New Pulp can expand its market, …Read more »

Publishers with Tommy Hancock

In the age of self-publishing when anyone can be a writer and the gatekeepers no longer matter, the question of whether or not publishers are still necessary is often raised. Tommy Hancock, editor-in-chief of Pro Se Productions, returns to the Exploding Typewriter to discuss these very topics. Listen to Tommy as he explains what Pro Se offers its authors, how …Read more »

Genre Hopping with Aaron Smith

“Find one genre and stick to it.” That’s one piece of advice that aspiring authors hear all the time. There’s a school of thought that writing in multiple genres can be somewhat confusing to your readers and make it more difficult for you to build a fanbase. In this interview, I spoke with Aaron Smith, who is a genre-hopping author, …Read more »

Men’s Adventure with C.E. Martin

C.E. Martin, the author of the Stone Soldiers series of books, comes onto the show. C.E. describes his books as a cross between men’s adventure and young adult, but what exactly is men’s adventure? That’s what he and Perry try to get to the bottom of in this episode. Join in as C.E. shares some of his thoughts about the differences and similarities between pulp …Read more »

Expanding Beyond Pulp with Gary Phillips

The twelfth episode features noted crime novelist and also one of the men behind the creation of Black Pulp, Gary Phillips. Gary talks about his experiences growing up with pulp fiction, how he became involved with writing New Pulp, and offers up ideas and suggestions for expanding beyond the boundaries of the New Pulp audience to attract other readers, discussing …Read more »

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Percival Constantine

Percival Constantine

Born and raised in the Chicagoland area, Percival Constantine is a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Arts in literature and mass media. In 2005, he began working in the comic book industry as an editor for Making Comics Studios. Since then, he has also worked as a freelance letterer and writer for, among others, AC Comics, Black Glass Press, and Cosmic Times. In 2007, Percival self-published his first novel, Fallen. His second novel, Chasing The Dragon, followed in 2008. With the publication of Love & Bullets in 2010, Percival officially joined the ranks of PulpWork Press. In 2012, he became an editor for Pro Se Productions. He currently resides in southern Japan, where he works as a writer, editor, and teacher. He also hosts a podcast show called The Exploding Typewriter: Pulp Writers on Writing Pulp. For more, visit

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