Creating Pulp Characters with Brad Mengel

10922486_10152686312799200_2167649557505173889_nPro Se Press and Airship 27 author Brad Mengel comes by the Exploding Typewriter to talk about the act of creating pulp characters. Brad discusses his process when he approaches new characters, what qualities he considers necessary for a pulp character, how he avoids the trap of creating characters that are too similar to archetypes, and how he writes existing characters.

An important announcement also accompanies this episode: for the time being, The Exploding Typewriter will not have any new episodes. Focusing more on my writing has made me re-evaluate the investment of time that this show requires and based on the lack of feedback or ratings, it seems that people aren’t getting a lot out of the show. And so the decision has been made to end it, perhaps temporarily or perhaps permanently.

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Percival Constantine

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