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logoWhen I started The Exploding Typewriter in the winter of 2013, I had hoped the show would feature a long and healthy run. But unfortunately, some things just aren’t meant to be. The investment of time and work that went into the production of each and every episode—not only recording but also seeking out guests, preparing for the interviews, and editing and mastering each episode—was very high.

The Exploding Typewriter takes in no money. I have no advertisers, no donations, no subscriptions, nothing. And I wanted to keep it that way because I wanted this show to be a free resource for aspiring pulp writers out there. And these episodes will remain up as an archive so it can hopefully continue to act as a resource.

But in exchange for providing this resource, the only thing I ever asked of listeners was to post a rating or review on iTunes, which are crucial if the show is to gain any sort of ranking. After numerous episodes of asking for this small favor and receiving nothing in return, the only conclusion I’m forced to make is that the show wasn’t as helpful or as entertaining as I hoped it would be. And if I haven’t met that goal, then I’m afraid it’s best to cut my losses and focus on projects that will prove more fruitful.

Thank you to those who have listened and enjoyed the show over the past fifteen months, and a special thank you to everyone who agreed to be a guest on the show.

5 thoughts on “Thanks For Listening

  1. Sorry to hear the show is going away. I found it very encouraging as I start my own writing career. Each episode featured insider advice and interesting anecdotes not available anywhere else. It will be missed.

    FWIW, I haven’t used ITunes in years. I ‘m lazy / pressed for time and either go to Amazon or directly to a publisher’s website. I’m curious how many others listeners do that as well.

    Good luck with future endeavors. We’ll be expecting the same quality in them as you put into these episodes. 😉


  2. Mmmm I didn’t want to “like” this post but felt compelled to write – having just found you and your site I’m sorry to hear you feel how you do about not getting the feedback traction you were hoping for.

    I for one recognise how difficult and time intensive it is to create something from nothing – even if I haven’t created any a podcast myself – if you do decide to stop producing more high quality work then the internet and the world of Pulp storytelling will shine a little less.

    If you love Pulp as I think you do then create for yourself; for your family; your friends but never stop creating.

    Good luck in your future endeavors.

  3. Argh! I finally get around to the most recent episode you and Derrick did and I come here to tell you I love the show and to pimp the shit out of it (I’m still going to) and I see this. I completely understand though, the internet can be a great, big void sometimes, especially when you’re just hoping to get some response that what you’re doing is good. I love the show though and I’m going to make my way through the rest of the archive anyway. And I’ll be holding my breath for new episodes starting… now.

  4. 2 years later, I just found your podcast and am sad that it didn’t last past the 21 episodes.

    It was an awesome podcast!

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