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Do you consider yourself a pulp author or are you involved in the creation of pulp books, movies, comics, TV shows, games, etc.? Would you like to help not only spread the word about pulp fiction, but also encourage other potential writers to join in? If so, then I’d like you to be on the show!

PLEASE NOTEThe Exploding Typewriter is not solely a venue for author promotion. While every author who comes on the show is free to promote their work, I’m specifically looking for creators who are willing to discuss some aspect of their work. This is primarily a podcast on the mechanics of writing. Please view the past episodes to get an idea of the type of show this is. If you’d simply like a promotional vehicle, then you’d be better off checking out The Book Cave or Pulped! The New Pulp Podcast.

However, if you are interested in being on the show but aren’t sure what topic you’d like to discuss, then please contact me, let me know some of the things you specialize in, and we can brainstorm together an idea. And if you do have a specific topic, then by all means, let me know. You can use the form below to contact me:

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Percival Constantine

Percival Constantine

Born and raised in the Chicagoland area, Percival Constantine is a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Arts in literature and mass media. In 2005, he began working in the comic book industry as an editor for Making Comics Studios. Since then, he has also worked as a freelance letterer and writer for, among others, AC Comics, Black Glass Press, and Cosmic Times. In 2007, Percival self-published his first novel, Fallen. His second novel, Chasing The Dragon, followed in 2008. With the publication of Love & Bullets in 2010, Percival officially joined the ranks of PulpWork Press. In 2012, he became an editor for Pro Se Productions. He currently resides in southern Japan, where he works as a writer, editor, and teacher. He also hosts a podcast show called The Exploding Typewriter: Pulp Writers on Writing Pulp. For more, visit

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