NOTE: Because of difficulty in finding an audience as well as the large investment of time and work required, The Exploding Typewriter has ceased production following Episode 21. Thank you for those who came along on the ride.


Welcome to the Exploding Typewriter: Pulp Writers on Writing Pulp! This is a podcast for those interested in creating pulp fiction themselves. Here are just some of the questions prospective pulp writers might have:

What is pulp fiction?

What is New Pulp?

How do I break into this?

What do I need to know before jumping in?

What sort of resources are out there for me to use?

How do I create a good cover?

All these questions and more will be answered throughout the course of this show. Join along with New Pulp author and show host, Percival Constantine, as he introduces you to a variety of guests, all of whom are leading voices in the field of New Pulp and experienced in the topics they’re going to discuss. Discover how they got their start and listen to what advice they might have for you. Learn from their successes (and their mistakes) and discover more about the wonderful world of New Pulp!

If you are a pulp writer interested in coming on the show, please drop us a line through the contact form below and let us know what you would like to discuss on the show. Questions, comments, and suggestions can also be sent to us through the contact form.

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Percival Constantine

Percival Constantine

Born and raised in the Chicagoland area, Percival Constantine is a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Arts in literature and mass media. In 2005, he began working in the comic book industry as an editor for Making Comics Studios. Since then, he has also worked as a freelance letterer and writer for, among others, AC Comics, Black Glass Press, and Cosmic Times. In 2007, Percival self-published his first novel, Fallen. His second novel, Chasing The Dragon, followed in 2008. With the publication of Love & Bullets in 2010, Percival officially joined the ranks of PulpWork Press. In 2012, he became an editor for Pro Se Productions. He currently resides in southern Japan, where he works as a writer, editor, and teacher. He also hosts a podcast show called The Exploding Typewriter: Pulp Writers on Writing Pulp. For more, visit PercivalConstantine.com.

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